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Copper Hair – Decades-Old -Never Out

Copper hair has been a showstopper for decades.

It is a broad term for so many deviations of hair color from auburn dazzlers to belle brunettes, who draw attention and turn heads wherever they go. 

Only less than two percent of the world’s population represents natural copper or auburn hair color, and those lucky ones have delayed grey hair and many of those would definitely need a blue shampoo for brown hair to keep their hair as beautiful as it can be.

This alluring and natural hair trend reveals your fiery spirit. The best thing is that there is a copper shade for everyone. After discussing with your colorist you can come up with a unique copper treatment that works for you.

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Wellness Always With You

RB Beauty has chosen for its members to be present in various structures in Umbria, which for the harmony of the environments and suggestive positions, fully embrace the concept of relaxation that for years has been the protagonist of the wellness treatments offered by the Club.

You can choose to relax in a hotel in the city, within the walls of an ancient palace of the 1500s or a Templar castle from the 1200s, a fantastic Relais or a romantic Agriturismo.

Try between a Casale or a Country House in the middle of 600 hectares of secular wood, you will have the opportunity to try our treatments directly in spas in the facilities, finding the peace and tranquility that suits a stay dedicated to them.

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The Treatments


The types of treatments offered by the Club are aimed at Members and are all based on ancient Eastern philosophies that guarantee their quality and effectiveness.

 The goal is to disclose these techniques in respect of the person for the sole purpose of his psychophysical well-being. 

All wellness treatments help to relieve tension, anxiety, muscle, cervical and other pains that tend to continuously stress the body and mind. 

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Between Relaxation and Taste – Your Guide to Chiedertelo

A day or a weekend of relaxation, a healthy diet, will be a different way to tell a unique experience and draw the memory in one’s own senses.

It is also a very fantastic place to be with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or family.

You can have a whale of a time with your partner and talk about almost everything under the sun from relationship problems to world events.

You can take a huge ‘refuge’ from stress in peace in one of the wellness centers, relax with our treatments, and then continue in the regional culinary tradition accompanied by excellent Umbrian wines, to give ancient flavors to the finest papillae.

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