Holistic Wellness

Finding your own balance and harmony is essential if you want to feel good about yourself and others. 

Looking for an explanation within us of behaviors and situations that characterize our life is the first step. 

Make the same mistakes. 

Not feeling satisfied with our actions or what we have leaves us perplexed and bewildered. our mind is stressed and the body is tired, we call it holistic imbalance, others just stress. 

Carving out time and isolating oneself means learning to listen to the deepest needs of our being, those forgotten, “left side”. 
Plato said, “To know means to remember “.

It is not a knowing that comes from the outside. We do not read about books.

It is a knowing that resides inside our deepest soul. In our inner world. That more and more, want to be listened to and remembered. 
Balance can be trained.

Teach how to give proper weight to your decisions! To your emotions and your responsibilities!

Giving the right weight means enjoying inner integrity. Being able to separate with tranquility and awareness what we have to do from what we want to do. 

Holistic techniques, wellness treatments, meditation, yoga, have been welcomed by millions for thousands of years for the respect and simplicity with which they are practiced.

Those who exercise them and spread them with heart and respect have made paths of profound self-knowledge and inner re-balancing in order to practice them. 

All these techniques come from the East intact, where the concept of introspection and reflection predominates.

And so it is. With this integrity, we like to do them. Holistic well-being is a difficult but not impossible path, it is enough to want it. If anyone finds this all easy and rhetorical, I will envy him.

Because he doesn’t need to ” remember “.