9 Questions About Beauty Guys Would Really Like to Ask a Girl

It’s not strange that when you ask boys about beauty, they are totally clueless.

 It is understandable when boys are confused by how girls trim their nails, cut their hair short and the whole visiting the bathroom in pairs.

Here are some of the common questions on beauty that guys often ask girls. Some of the questions in this article is taking from Sociotelligence. The article has a huge load of questions to ask a girl on different topics.

1. Why do some girls paint a different color on each nail?

Most girls like having a different color on each nail. It draws attention to their hands and acts as a fashion statement.

Girls often enjoy having party nails as a way of expressing their personality.

It also makes them stand out from a group of other ladies.

2. Why do girls like to go to the room as a group?

Girls go to the bathroom as a group so they can gossip and reapply their makeup. It is also for safety issue.

For all you know they might encounter a giant lizard waiting inside that would require at least two girls to subdue.

Girls usually want a private place where they can talk about you, and you won’t have a chance of eavesdropping.

Many girls (if not all) enjoy gossiping a lot about many things most especially men.

3. Why do some girls like to keep their hair short?

Some girls enjoy keeping their hair short as they feel it is more versatile.

On the other hand, some girls prefer short hair for its simplicity and easy maintenance.

For some, short hair feels more professional than long hair.

I know of many ladies who enjoys keeping long hairs too but I think the trend is kind of nosediving.  

4.  Are guys ever allowed to see you without makeup?

girl applying make up

As a rule of thumb, most girls will never make the mistake of doing their errands without makeup.

However, there are occasions when you might be allowed to see a girl without makeup.

For instance, when your girlfriend spends the night at your place, it’s highly likely you will see her without makeup.

Sometimes many guys tend to call it ‘fake face’ and I completely agree with them.

And some had said they won’t date a girl who can’t show them their real face.

5. Why do some women apply lots of makeup?

make up for girls

Some women wear lots of makeup simply because they don’t know the right way to apply foundation smoothly and evenly.

Others assume that applying heavy makeup can make them more attractive to men.

I also think that low self-esteem play a major role in this.

Many women who rely on make-up to make them attractive to men are mostly over confidence.  

6. Why do girls spend a lot on their hair, and why don’t they wash it daily?

For most girls, having their hair done regularly is almost a necessity.

Going to the salon for smoothing and straighten up their hair is not only time consuming but expensive as well.

It is not something they can do daily.

Everything about a lady is beauty.

Keeping themselves ‘up to date’ is one the most important (if not the most important) thing every woman’s life.

7. Why do most girls insist they need to shed weight when they are entirely in good shape?

One main reason most girls insist they need to shed some weight has to do with insecurity.

Maybe your girlfriend is just looking for a compliment.

The second reason is likely a result of low self-esteem.

Most often, your girl wants to know if you will still love her after she adds on a few pounds.

Many want to be like Kim Kardashian.

8. How do girls use Q-tips?

Girls often use Q-tips for applying makeup, removing stains or cleaning up their nails after applying nail polish.

They are also helpful in applying pee on pregnancy test kits.

9. Why do some women wear a tan when it doesn’t look good on them?

While applying tan is common for most girls, some girls often have a misguided idea that wearing fake orange tan is more appealing.

Many ladies are falsely influenced by their friends into believing that a tan is the most adorable thing ever.

Some has even gone to the extent of putting on fake tan just to fit in with their peers.

Sarah James

Sarah is a yoga instructor and has been in the wellness in the industry for the past 10 years. She's been a yoga trainer for the past 7 years.